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Terms and conditions

(1) Renter acknowledges that Vehicle is the property of Renter and that Renter has received it in safe working condition and agrees to return said Vehicle, subject to the provisions of subsection (10) hereof, to Renter's office. lessor where he rented it, in the same condition except for normal wear and tear, on the date agreed above or on an earlier date if the lessor requests it. The provider has given no warranty or made any express or implied commitment except as set forth in this contract.

(2) Renter agrees not to use said vehicle in violation of any federal, provincial or municipal laws, or any order or regulation relating to the use or return of said vehicle.

(3) Lessor shall not be liable for loss of any item or damage to any item left, stored, loaded or carried by Renter or any person on or in said vehicle, before or after it has been returned to the lessor. Lessee hereby assumes all risk of such loss or damage and therefore waives all claims against Lessor; further, Lessee hereby agrees to hold, hold harmless, and indemnify Lessor against any claims arising out of or resulting from such loss or damage.

(4) The renter expressly agrees to pay to the localizer on demand: (a) the cost of the distance traveled during the rental period according to the rate per kilometer specified above (the distance in kilometers traveled will be determined by the reading of Pedometer attached to said vehicle by the manufacturer; (b) the cost for the rental period and the rate provided for in the collision damage waiver clause; (c) the costs incurred when the vehicle is left in another city, such as as stated in this contract or the actual cost of transporting said vehicle if left in another city without Lessor's written permission; (d) an amount equal to the value of any tire, tool or accessory missing from said vehicle; ( e) an amount for any fines or course fees incurred as a result of violation of parking, traffic or other regulations imposed on the Vehicle, Renter or Lessor during the term of this Agreement, unless L offense is attributable to the lessor; (f) an amount equal to the cost of any damage caused to said vehicle provided, however, that said vehicle is used in accordance with the conditions and covenants of this rental contract and that the renter reports any accident in accordance with the conditions and covenants of this contract, lessee's liability to lessor for such damages (i) shall not exceed the amount indicated under the heading "with deductible" on the face of this contract, or (i) that lessor shall waive this sum if a derogation clause to damage in the event of collision was agreed at the time of signing this contract and initialed by the renter in the space specially reserved for this purpose on the front of this contract (subject to any special conditions added to the front of this contract); (g) an amount equal to the cost incurred as Lessor's liability to third parties as a result of damage caused by the Vehicle or the driver thereof during the term of this Agreement provided, however, that the Lessee will not be liable to the lessor for such amount if the vehicle is used in accordance with all the conditions and covenants of this contract and the lessee reports any accident in accordance with the provisions of this contract; (h) an amount equal to the cost incurred as the Lessor's liability to members of the Lessee's immediate family for any damage resulting from an accident involving said Vehicle while being driven by the Lessee or any person authorized to do so presently; (i) the amount of any collection costs, including attorneys' fees, to be incurred by the Landlord in obtaining payment of Rent from the Tenant under this Agreement.

(5) Renter or driver of Vehicle shall in no way be an agent of Renter for any purpose.

(6) The local shall immediately make a detailed written report of any accident to the office where the vehicle was rented, within forty-eight (48) hours of the accident and the renter or the driver shall immediately send to the office where the vehicle has been leased any procedure. any written pleadings or documents relating to claims and actions received by the renter or the driver. These latter shall in no way assist a claimant, but shall cooperate fully with the landlord or the landlord's insurance company in all matters relating to the investigation or defense of a claim.

(7) The vehicle described on the reverse hereof shall not be used; (a) in breach of any term of this Rental Agreement; (b) by a person whose age does not meet the Requirements of Law or by a driver or local who has provided a fictitious name, address or age; (c) for any kind of race, trial or speed contest or by a person under the influence of alcoholic or narcotic beverages or whose faculties are impaired; (d) by a person other than the renter, with the exception of persons aged 25 or over who have previously obtained the renter's permission and provided, in addition, that no person, including the renter, uses or drive the vehicle unless that person is a qualified driver and holds a driver's license; (e) to start or tow any vehicle or trailer; (1) for the transportation of persons or goods for consideration: (g) for any unlawful purpose.

(8) COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER. For the per diem rate provided for in the derogatory cause for damage in the event of collision, the lessor consents that the liability of the lessee towards the lessor in the event of damage resulting from a collision is governed by the provisions of paragraph (4)(1) (11) of this rental contract.

(9) PLAN ALLOWING RENTAL OF A VEHICLE AT ONE LOCATION AND RETURN TO ANOTHER LOCATION, Upon payment of the agreed return costs the hirer may leave the vehicle at another company office in another designated city of advance.

(10) If the Lessee fails to return the Vehicle as agreed or fails to notify the Lessor of the location of the said Vehicle, then the Lessor may presume that the Lessee has unlawfully returned the said Vehicle.

(11) The provisions of this contract will also apply to any substituted vehicle.

(12) REIMBURSEMENT OF COSTS (IN CASE OF SEIZURE OF THE VEHICLE) In addition to the obligations provided for in the rental contract, the RENTER agrees to pay or reimburse the LESSOR the following costs: - ticket, fine or penalty relating to the vehicle rented (plus administrative costs); - costs of seizure or storage of the vehicle (plus rental costs for the entire duration of the non-availability of the vehicle for the LESSOR) costs for the recovery of the vehicle following a seizure (plus administrative costs); any loss or damage occurring during the seizure of the vehicle, whether or not covered by the RENTER's insurance; ~ any other costs relating to such an event, and disbursed by the LESSOR or required from him by any person. In addition, in the event of the LESSEE's failure to reimburse or pay all amounts due upon receipt of a notice of claim, the LESSEE shall pay all costs relating to the legal claim of these amounts (including reasonable extra-judicial fees for 'a lawyer).

(13) If the person signing this contract has directed that the billing of charges incurred hereunder be forwarded to another person, business or organization, who, when such bills are presented to him, refuses to pay; then the person who has thus signed will pay promptly, on demand; said invoices or other

(14) Pets are not allowed, a $100 fee will be charged without notice

(15) The vehicle is strictly non-smoking, a fee of $150 will be charged if the vehicle is returned with the smell of smoke.

(16) The use of the vehicle is strictly limited to Canada, the vehicle must not leave Canada at any time.

(17) By making the reservation, the customer undertakes to respect the cancellation deadlines as well as the relative costs in the event of non-compliance with them. All reservations must be canceled at least 48 hours before the departure time of the reservation, otherwise a $50 fee will be charged.

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